Interview with Pastor Craig Watson

1.What precipitated the name change? Why did God give us a name change and why now?

Ps Craig:

The first step towards our current name change actually goes back a number of years, about twenty years in fact, when God gave us a prophetic word that He would give us a building. We then saw this promise unfold when He gave us Church on Florida.
When we relocated to Church on Florida, the first mandate we had was that there would be no wholesale change. The reason I believe God did this was to ensure that stability was maintained within the ministry. This process of no wholesale change continued for four years. In that time we only had minor changes from an operational point of view, such as the way the services were structured, but there was no major change. Physically the building did not change but only underwent restoration. During this time God said that the demographics in Church on Florida would change and He would tell us when those changes would begin – which He duly did. We have known for a number of years that the name would change and as we came to the end of the season of no wholesale change – which was about the beginning of last year – we felt the urgency for the name to change.

2. What is the purpose for the name change?

Ps Craig:

A name carries a lot of weight; in particular it carries the identity of a person. Unfortunately, in today’s world we often don’t give much importance to name changes. However, from the outset God said to Abram, ‘I am taking your name from Abram to Abra- ham’. There is power in vocabulary, but we don’t always put the same emphasis on vocabulary as God does. God created language and language communicates the purpose of God for us. That is how we communicate with one another. A name change is an identity. It is not just a name that was pulled out of a hat. Instead the name comes out of the throne room of God and the meaning of our new name will soon infuse into the hearts of the people and carry the vision of God.

3. How has Sunday nights affected the name change? Does it have any impact on the name?

Ps Craig:

Absolutely, this new name is closely associated with what we carry in our hearts and there are a few keys – almost like catalysts – that God put in our hearts when we got born again. They are:
• Mobilisation
• The presence and the fire of God
•Awakening Spiritually and economically to Jesus.
Sunday nights were intended to be an opportunity where we could extend time without being constricted to allow the Holy Ghost to flow through teaching, through worship, through ministry, through the Word of knowledge, and through whatever aspect He believed would be necessary. Sunday nights are a training time for people – not only for the hungry and the thirsty, but for those who are not familiar with it. If we look at the new word , it epitomizes what we do on Sunday nights by inviting the Holy Ghost to be present, to minister to God’s people and to take us into full blown awakening.

4. How does the name change line up with economic and Spiritual revival?

Ps Craig:

Incite comes from the word ‘fire’. The synonym for fire, means to energize, to invigorate and to jump-start. One of the critical areas in the world, particularly in South Africa and in our city is the need for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the stated objective of most governments in order to develop small to medium size enterprises because they in turn create jobs. If we look at the word , it means to jump-start, to quicken, to vitalize, or to stimulate. Every person, the Bible says, should work. The Bible says, that every person that does not work is worse than an infidel, and with the decrease of employment opportunities we need economic awakening to create jobs – whether it is through entrepreneurship or whether it is through corporates. The bulk of employment and social and economic upliftment will come through economic awakening. And we can’t really have economic awakening without Spiritual awakening… well we can have economic awakening without Spiritual awakening but within a Christian context, for us to have our hearts in the right place to handle money God will awaken us Spiritually so that He can teach us how to influence the environments we live in and change the landscape of our city, our life, and our country through economic awakening. Whenever there was a Spiritual awakening in the Bible, there was a corresponding economic revival because the blessing from the Spirit takes on a tangible natural manifestation that confirms the promise of blessing that God gave to Abraham.

5. Where to from here with the name change? i.e. what can we expect.

Ps Craig:

Well, I believe that when God brings a name, He brings an identity. God didn’t raise up Church on Florida to be a church that sits on Florida road, does weekly services, perhaps some prayer meetings and some social responsibility. Our function as a church and through this name is to mobilize both current and future gifts that men and women carry – those that are in the church and those that will still come to the church in order that they can impact society in a Spiritual, mental, physical, social and financial context. This mobilisation will change the landscape and even influence the broader population. Not everyone that is influenced will be able to come to this church, but the influence of that name, as our people are awakened and becoming awakened, will cause them to go out and impact society by the changes that have happened in their hearts. Awakening should start with their families, and then spread through our businesses, our city, our province and ultimately our nation.

6. The name flows out of our scripture for 2018 found in Joel 2:23-27. Could you give a brief account how this is?

Ps Craig:

There is always a continuation with God. There is nothing sporadic or ad hoc and so when God gave us the word for 2018, which is Joel 2:23-27, it speaks strongly of the ‘Culminating of Harvests’. God is saying to us that we don’t have to wait for the future to receive a harvest. Very often we read Joel 2 in the context of a futuristic realization of that promise but the Lord was reminding me that this scripture is for now. It is immediate. It speaks of restoration. It speaks of awakening. Incite is really the restoration of Joel 2:23-27. The word contains awakening. The Joel side to this vision is perhaps to a large extent concentrated on physical restoration, which is economic awakening. But if you read on, straight after verse 27 it goes straight into the spiritual outpouring. So, Incite is not apart from Joel i.e. the word Incite, is the manifestation of that prophetic promise and it will be a continuation until Jesus comes. There’s no end or expiry date on this word and that is what is important for us to understand. should never stop in our lives. We should be ‘incited’ on a daily basis. The Bible says, ‘be ye filled’ – which is a continual daily experience.

Thank you.